A more intense renovation of olive cultivation began in the 1990's with state subsidies, renovation of old olive orchards and the plantation of new ones. Klaudio Ipলom Oprtalj and his family embraced the growing trend of renovating old family own olive orchards. They entered this business with deliberation and faith, rolex replica watches and the success that followed is, in their words, much bigger than what they had secretly hoped for. Among other acknowledgments for their effort, they were honored with the most important international quality reward when their olive oil made from the varieties Bjelica and Frantoia was the first Croatian olive oil to be included in the Italian guide of best olive oils (L'extravergine 2005 - Guida ai migliori oli del mondo di qualita accertata). Other important rewards followed, for the best olive oil made from one variety by the Slow Food association, and the most important reward ⩠masline?(Three olives) for the olive oil made from the Istrian variety Bjelica in June 2008. They won many medals at various festivals and events such as Vinistra, Maslina in Split, Krasica and Vodnjan, and the fact that their product was again included in L' extravergine in 2006, 2007, and 2008, 2009., 2010., 2011., 2012. is the proof of the quality of the olive oil produced by the family Ip/div>